Tips for bathroom plumbing

Bathroom plumbing system needs regular inspection and repairs. You simply cannot install the system or the appliance and forget it because of its continuous and smooth running, it has to be in top condition. Just like all other things, our bathroom plumbing too needs care. If you wish to avoid unnecessary expenses or frequent visits by your plumber, you can do your bit to keep things good.

Here are some easy tips which will help in maintaining your bathroom plumbing in super condition, throughout the year. These tips are also helpful in ensuring durability of the pipes and drainage system.

Concealing Is Important –

No one likes to see large pipes or open drains. Make sure that all your waste pipes, the different hot and cold plumbing pipes are well hidden. This will provide a neat and clean finish.

Use Hot Water –

At least once in a week wash your drain or sinks using hot water. This will remove accumulation and hardening of grease in the pipes and drains. Hot water will remove all debris and wash away any possible clogs.

Flexible Pipe work –

Plastic fittings are easy because these are quite flexible. You can use plastic adaptors which are good for the plumbing system.

Isolation Valves –

Do not forget to place isolation valves on the pipe. This will help in closing them for repairs and maintenance purpose. You can have these valves inline.

Bathtub Faucets –

Keep a watch on the bathtub faucets – are they leaking? Are they broken? Bathtub faucets often leak or break, causing a lot of water wastage.


Keep Away Bad Smells –

How do you tackle smelly pipes or sinks? You need to place an anti-siphon valve in the sinks. This will also reduce gurgling sounds and prevent the drains from releasing unnecessary smells. These smells often create unhygienic conditions.


Keep a regular check for backups or gurgling water, which is a sign of probable developing clogs. This will help in preventing probable clogs.Follow the above easy tips and your bathroom plumbing will stay good for a long time.